Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Simple and Pretty

Wedding Cupcakes!

I decided to make some simple and pretty cupcakes that would be perfect for a wedding!  While giving these out, I got a pretty good compliment.  "You know when cupcakes look really good, but taste bad?  Well these ain't them!" 

Enjoy the photos : )


  1. Tiffany, the cupcakes are beautiful! do you use fondant to make the flowers on top? How do you makes them? They are perfect. yummmm

  2. Never saw this post- sorry! I've been a nauseous pregnant lady for the last 5 months.

    The hydrangea flowers I made using a silicon mould and cutter. Super easy!


    The other flower was simply a flower cut out, and I dry them in egg cartons to make them keep their shape.