Sunday, December 26, 2010

Back to my first love- Christmas Baking

So originally I thought I was going to make a business out of my baking, but what I learned in Psych 101 came true.  When you do something you like to do and get paid for it... you start to hate it.  Cupcakes are such a long task- I love the decorating part, but knew if I going to sell my work, I should make it from scratch.  Making from scratch is a long, pricey process.  So from now on, I'm going back to the good old box variety.  Cheap, and it tastes good.

Now on to my Christmas Baking! Sugar cookies, biscotti...  ahhh- this I enjoy.  Partly because you can eat more than 1 and not feel bad (unlike cupcakes).  Additionally, and more importantly they last so much longer than cupcakes.  What I hated about cupcakes is that is must be made and consumed ideally within 24 hours.  (Pretty tiring when you're preggers).  But my first love can be made over a few days, and still taste good!  A much easier task to take on when your growing a person.

So this explains why there has been no post since May- been busy baking a baby. : )

Now photos of my latest creations!

Christmas Gift Boxes

Peppermint Meringue (so incredibly easy to make)

Gingerbread Biscotti- A Christmas Staple

Yes- that is my stomach holding up the bakes goods.

Peppermint Bark in Snowflake Form

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