Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Wedding Favours! Done with a 3 week old!

I had the honour of being asked to do the favours for my dear friend's wedding! When she asked me I knew I would have a newborn, but I had zero hesitation!

I've recently discovered that decorated cookies can actually be easily frozen and be prepared ahead of time.  If you freeze the cookies shortly after making them, they maintain their freshness amazingly! You would never know that they spent three weeks in the freezer.  Having three children under the age of five, this is important to know how to do correctly.  Post on freezing cookies effectively soon to follow!

The cookies were a huge hit at the wedding and many people asked me how I did it with the new baby.  Basically I didn't sleep (well I slept a little).  Seriously, I will stay up till 3 AM finishing my baking.  Yes, I'm a wreck the next day, but it's the only time I can focus on my decorating without interruption.  It's quite peaceful to sit there in silence (or while binge watching anything that's not disney jr) those who have young children know exactly what I'm talking about.

The only drawback of my nightly baking is not being able to take proper photos.  I do fear trying to take photos in the day with two children who love cookies. So I apologize for the iPhone pics!


All packaged and ready to go!

How cute is he at his first wedding!

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