Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Sugar Cookies

Happy Thanksgiving!
 Every year I make the same traditional Thanksgiving sugar cookies that include pumpkins and leaves.... and this year I wanted to switch it up!  So off to google images I went and stumbled across this blog

 I fell in love with the cookies and it provided a good opportunity to use my new kopykake projector! 

Following the links, I came across the orginal images which I printed.  I had to resize the images to get the right focus for the projector.

You simply place the image in the projector and focus to fit on the cookie.  Couldn't be easier.  Now it still takes a steady hand to pipe the cookies, but this ensures they're all uniform. 

Now as you can see this projector is big!  Much bigger than I expected.  But I guess it makes sense incase you every wanted to put a cake underneath it. 

Very happy with the end result, and very happy with my kopykake projector.  It definitely sped up the process and I'm able to embark on more complicated designs.

Enjoy the pics!  Hope you had a good Thanksgiving Canadians and hope you have a good Thanksgiving Americans!


  1. They are very beautiful! Wish I had a projector.

  2. Thanks! I love having the projector. I got mine from here

    Little pricey, but it should last forever. :)