Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mmm Cookies and Cream

One of my favourite things in New York city are the milkshakes!  Particularly the Cookies and Cream one available at Good Burger.  It costs $6 and is totally worth it.

So, with cookies and cream on my mind... of course I had to turn that into a cupcake!  I crushed Oreos and put them into the batter as well as the icing.  I thought the cookies may be hard throughout the cupcake, but it actually softens with no hard cookie bits.  The icing is hands down the best part!  I could have sat there, and ate the whole bowl (and I'm not one to do that, so you know it's good).  Unfortunately I didn't crush the cookie bits enough for the icing, making it very difficult to pipe, and not up to my 'pretty' standards.  Oh well, it tastes good!

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