Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stamps + Fondant = Pretty

My newest experimentation... fondant!  I originally thought I was going to use gum paste, but I found out that nobody eats gum paste.  That's no fun if you can't eat it!  While fondant is a bit trickier to work with... it's all worth it to let people know that it's edible.  What I love about these cupcakes is that they are simple and look good!  What's the secret?  Stamps!  Just make sure you get new stamps... nobody wants to eat ink.

Enjoy the pictures!

The birthday girl was Alicia. 


  1. these are so awesome! and the icing underneath looks so amazing, too!!! the next time you make cupcakes like this, I have to witness it... I want to learn how to make da pretty cupcakes, too!

  2. Thanks!

    These are so easy! I can for sure show you :)

  3. SERIOUSLY? you need to go into business. do you know how much money people make selling cupcakes?? and those are gorgeous, seriosuly, you should go into business!

  4. I was wondering if I could get into weddings somehow... I can even do cookies for favours as well!

  5. I really like how you frosted your cupcakes. what tip did you use?


  6. I was experimenting with a small leaf tip and small petal tip.

    The cupcake that says, "It's your birthday, was definitely a leaf tip

    352- wilton leaf
    103- wilton pedal