Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sugar Cookies!

The love of sugar cookies is back.  There's a few reasons why I prefer making sugar cookies to cupcakes. 

1)They have a much longer shelf life.  Cupcakes really need to be eaten the day of or day after. 

2)While my sugar cookies are more labor intensive, they are made over a few days, so therefore do not feel like hard work.  When I make cupcakes... it's done all at once, and takes a looong time. 

3)Creativity.  For some reason, I feel sugar cookies allow me to be more creative.

4)You can eat more than 1, and not feel bad...or 2... 3....

I have not been able to bake since the birth of my baby boy.  Really because I haven't had a reason to bake yet.  This weekend we had a family reunion, so a perfect excuse to whip out my other baby (kitchenaid mixer).  That child has been neglected for too long.  It was so nice to be able to bake again.  I'm already looking for the next excuse...


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