Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mickey and Minnie Birthday Party

Today's post is a flashback from 3 years ago where I did cookies and cupcakes for my friend's daughter's 1st birthday party.  The same young girl just turned 4 and I've done her cupcakes every year!  A fellow Disney lover, the theme was Mickey and Minnie Mouse so I had lots of fun doing these.  Enjoy the photos!

I really dislike decorating heavily with black icing for sugar cookies.   I will use it for detail, but that's about it.   There is just too much food colouring needed. And I don't want everybody to have purplish/black mouths.   For that reason I decided against doing Mickey Mouse faces, and rather going with some fun dots with the Mickey shaped cookie cutter.   Red still requires lots of food colouring, but pink mouths are better than purple/black teeth.

For the cupcakes I went with my usual fondant toppers, but I also had fun making some Minnie ears and bows.  Those were my favourite.

I remember doing these like it was last week.  Time really does fly when you have children.  It's scary!

Stay tuned for pictures from her most recent birthday that I did on the weekend.  Monster's Inc! 

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