Monday, August 17, 2015

Make Your Own Cookie Cutter

When throwing a baby shower for my friend, she requested an owl theme.
I searched the Internet for ideas and found an adorable owl sugar cookie that I wanted to copy, but I had no idea where to get the cookie cutter. I emailed the seller on Etsy asking if she could share where she got it, but she never replied. :( 

I then had the idea about trying to make it myself.  I'm stubborn like that, and I didn't like any of the owl cookie cutters available.  To make it I used an old cookie cutter, (I don't even remember what shape it was, something I never used) and used pliers  to shape.  

The results turned out better than expected!

Since then, this has become a common practice for me.  Instead of destroying existing cookie cutters, they have make your own cookie-cutter kits with metal.  There is shaping board you can buy, but I've only ever just bought the metal refill.
This has been great, as most of the cookies I make are for party favours and I need them to be a certain size.  I like my cookies to be at least 4 inches and most of the time if I find the shape I'm looking for, it is too small.  Another reason I've started making my own cookie cutters is the price. For $8 dollars I can make 4 to 5 cookie cutters out of the metal.  The same price to order 2 online. 

The do it to yourself cookie cutters are not as easy to work with, but they get the job done.  I do still buy cookie cutters if it is the right size and something I see using over and over again.  But for these one time events, making them myself has been perfect. 

Making them is quite simple.  I simply find the shape, copy it to Microsoft, and adjust accordingly so I get the size I want.  Then I take my metal and mold it using pliers, using the picture as my guide.  It can take some time, and you have to be careful not to snap the metal, but the more I've done it, the easier it has gotten.  In the kit they provide you with tape but I like using electrical tape to join the end pieces.

So the next time you're looking for a cookie cutter and can't find it, know that making it yourself is a very good option!

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