Monday, August 24, 2015

Octopus and Beer Sugar Cookies

When I am asked to do cookies, it is almost always for children or baby related events.  I absolutely love doing this, but it is fun to switch it up once and awhile! My most recent cookie request was favours for an annual "Beerfest" party.  It was a very detailed order with many inside jokes.  For that reason I am only going to share 2 of the cookies designs in order not to confuse or offend anyone.  ;)

Purple Octopus and Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Sugar Cookies   

My first step was to flood the cookies with white icing.  Once they set (a few hours later), I used my Kopykake to project images on to my cookies.  I do often freehand cookies, but when I am working with small detail, or want them all to look the same, I love my kopykake!

With the octopus I added small detail once the purple layer had dried.  Because I am working with the same colour, I did not have to wait long as you don't need to worry about colours bleeding into each other.  I've learned that less detail is more when doing a second layer.  Instead of outlining the entire octopus, I simply highlighted the tentacles.  To finish I added white icing for the eyes, and the next day drew black pupils with my edible food marker.

The PBR Beer sugar cookies I should have used a thicker white icing, but I am still happy with how they turned out.  To get the feathered effect I dragged a damp food paint brush through the wet icing.  It's small details like these that really make the cookie pop!

Thanks for stopping by!  My portfolio is slowly starting to grow.  To take a look a past creations click here.  Happy Monday!


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