Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pretty in Pink Birthday Party

Party Time!

When I throw a birthday party for one of my children, I love a good character theme.  I like to choose whatever they are currently obsessed with and will translate well into cupcakes and cookies.   Not only is it fun for me to create something new, but it's their reaction which makes me want to do it over and over again.

That said, I've never done a character theme for a 1st birthday party.  I just don't believe in it.   At this age they don't care, and I rather make it simple and pretty.  This is exactly what I did with my daughters first birthday party and I loved the finished product!

Though I have many years of experience with cupcakes, decorating cakes is still fairly new to me.   This is the second cake I have ever made using fondant.  When covering cakes, I actually prefer to use marshmallow fondant.  It's much cheaper, easier to colour, easy to work with and tastes better! (In my opinion).  Recipe on how to make marshmallow coming soon!  For fondant details I use to regular fondant purchased at Michael's with a coupon.  Never shop at Michael's without a coupon.  There is always a coupon.

To accompany my cake, I stuck with my classic vanilla cupcakes with buttercream. Mmmm. While other people enjoyed them, my daughter thought it would be more fun to put it in my hair :)

And while no party is complete without my sugar cookies.  I very quickly whipped this batch up to be given out as favours.  Not my best work, but tasted good none the less. 

Looking forward to the many future birthday parties I'll get to create for!  Thanks for stopping by!

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