Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Monster's Inc Birthday Party

As mentioned in my Mickey Mouse post,  I have done the cupcakes for my friend's children's birthdays every year.  As their birthdays are so close, she's started combining them for one big party.  This year's theme was Monster's Inc and is probably my favourite to date!  We're big disney fans in this house, so it was fun doing something I knew my children would also love.

For the sugar cookie favours, I made the Monsters Inc logo.  I love how they turned out!  The secret to making them all look the same is my kopycake projector.
Monsters Inc Sugar Cookie Logo

Couldn't resist taking a few photos as I just love looking at them.

Monster's Inc Sugar Cookie Logo

 I started with flooding the cookie white.  Waited a few hours then added the blue layer.  Then, I waited over night to add the black eye (as dark icing on light icing can sometimes cause bleeding). They tasted as good as they looked, and you would never know they spent a week in the freezer.

Next... the Monster's Inc Cupcakes

Usually I do fondant toppers for my cupcakes, but this time my friend requested to use buttercream and I loved the idea!

To start, I dyed the batter the colours of Mike and Sulley to get the full monster effect.

To make these cupcakes I used the following tips.

For the Mike Wazowski cupcake I used the larger tip (809) to do the green swirl, then the smaller (806) for the white eye.  I topped it off with a black fondant circle.
I should have waited till the party to add the black fondant, as you can see it melted a bit with the moisture. (They were covered overnight).

The Sulley Cupcake was a little more time consuming.  I made the horns out of fondant ahead of time, and then proceeded with the icing.  Using the 233 tip, I started with the blue leaving spaces to later add the purple.  In the future I would likely just buy another tip.  Once I did the purple I added the fondant horns.  I was little afraid the horns would fall over over night (due to the moisture of being covered) but they didn't.

It was an awesome party, and as usual, my favourite part of my baking is seeing people's reactions.  Thanks for stopping by!

Vanilla Cupcake recipe here.
Buttercream icing recipe here.


  1. I Love This Cupcake Recipe. I did use egg whites instead of whole eggs the second time I made them and they were just what I was looking for!! Thanks a million

    1. I will have to try that! Thanks for sharing!